Seoul Pasabuy

Check out how Seoul Pasabuy works and how you can send in your order.


Browse through our available items and click Add to Cart. For personal requests, please fill up this form and we’ll send you a confirmation via email.


Fill in details in the Checkout page. Choose Payment option (Paypal, Bank Transfer, or GCash) and click Place Order.


For the Bank Transfer option, we’ll send you an email within 24-48 hours along with the bank account details. After payment, reply to us a screenshot of your proof of payment.

Check Order

Once payment is confirmed, you may check updates of your order through your My Account page. You may also check shipping updates on the Batch Updates page.


Seoul Pasabuy

Frequently Asked Questions

Order Schedule by Batch

Orders are arranged by batch monthly and are open for 3 weeks. You may check the batch schedule and updates per batch here. Additionally, we’ll also post on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when a new batch opens.

Price and Rates

All prices for our items are inclusive of international shipping and customs tax. If you have any personal request, fill up this form and we’ll send you a quotation for your item(s).

Payment Method

We offer Paypal, GCash, BPI Transfer, and Western Union transfer. 70% downpayment is required for every order to be precessed, this is to ensure there are no bogus buyers. The remaining 30% of balance + local shipping fee must be paid once items arrive in the Philippines.

Shipping (Regular and Express)

Regular shipping takes 3~4 weeks via sea cargo. Please take note that liquid items are only allowed in sea cargo. Express (rush) shipping which takes 1 week is also available for an additional fee.